Hinkens Group Property Management

Hinkens Group Property Management

Tom Hinkens started selling real estate in the Lompoc Valley in 1985.  Since then he has helped more then 1800 customers buy or sell a home.  Tom was getting so many requests from his customers to manage their properties, in 2008 he started Hinkens Group Property Management to add more services to his clients.


Tom Hinkens has lived in the Lompoc Valley with his family since 1962

Our Services


Lompoc rentals are now easier than ever to find. Here at The Hinkens Group, we've created a way for you to search for rentals in Lompoc and the surrounding areas by using Google Maps, so you can search by location. You can also search by price, number of bedrooms, square feet, and see photos and descriptions of the rentals before even getting in your car. If you have any questions, or would like to set an appointment to see a rental, call us today at (805) 430-3292.


The Hinkens Group Property Management offers clients time saving solutions and management portals to assist in the smooth operation of their properties. Property performance and profitability is important to our client owners, so it is of paramount importance to us. Property management in Lompoc has never been easier. Rather than needless spending our time or yours waiting for reports, log in online and print reports, or simply check the status of a current issue. If you have commercial developments, duplexes, apartments, single family homes, or even office spaces for growing companies, we here at The Hinkens Group ensure that your property is well managed to attract, and more importantly, retain your tenants.